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Ginger Evil began as Moonshine Inc. in 2005, in a rehearsal room in Helsinki. After a couple of years of rehearsal and composing, a fruitless search for a singer meant the songs were put on ice. Meanwhile, guitarist Tomi Julkunen and bassist Veli Palevaara continued gigging in Finland and abroad with their long-standing Southern rock band The Milestones, including arena shows with Deep Purple and Whitesnake.


In the aftermath of their fifth album, those Moonshine Inc. songs from a decade back emerged from hibernation. The original drummer and second guitarist were busy on their own projects, so the search began for new players, and especially for a vocalist.


The powerful voice of Ella Tepponen was known to Tomi and Veli from X-Factor Finland and many theatre and music projects, and drummer Toni Mustonen was already familiar to everyone. Jamming together found a shared musical passion, and a group creative process soon flourished. Ginger Evil was born.



“From Foo Fighters to Fleetwood Mac," is how the band hears their music, with singer Ella bringing a whole new kind of twist to classic rock. Everything was coming together. Then the pandemic that shook the world struck at full force, bringing a full stop to rehearsals and even meeting up F2F. But the online exchange of musical ideas meant two albums’ worth of songs could continue to develop.


Music producer and film director Richard Stanley, known for his work with The Who, Hurriganes and Love Records, heard the Ginger Evil demos and was immediately inspired to write lyrics. Ella brought in producer Juho Roslakka, and so the final versions of several songs emerged during the cold dark winter of 2021.


Emma- and Teosto-awarded Jussi Jaakonaho, one of the industry’s most versatile sound wizards, handled the final mixes with final mastering by Grammy-nominated Svante Forsbäck of Chartmakers.

Now, the band is ready to kick off a new chapter in the bold story of rock and roll.

"We already have some surprising twists and turns in our back pocket," the band grins mysteriously.

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